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Des Moines, IA (March 24, 2021) – Greenspire Global, an Iowa-based ag company that develops innovative alternative products for use on crops, has officially announced today that it has changed the branding of its popular Procidic2 bactericide and fungicide to become Procidic-C. As a specialized formula to protect cannabis plants, the updated naming and design conventions for this product will make the cannabis connection more apparent and identifiable.

Greensprire Global’s Procidic2 is now Procidic-C

“The name, Procidic-C, allows our costumers to more easily identify where this product fits in taking care of their cannabis plants. In this case, the ‘C’ in Procidic-C stands for cannabis,” said Steve Knauss, Greenspire Global President.

The branding update will go into effect  in 2022 and will be implemented across the company’s product labels and packaging, website, and social media. Procidic-C now has its own website landing page, which you can find by visiting

Released in 2016, Procidic-C was specifically developed as a broad-spectrum fungicide and bactericide for medical cannabis, recreational cannabis, and hemp. It rapidly gained popularity with the cannabis and hemp community. This notoriety is attributed to Procidic-C’s ability to quickly and effectively eliminate pathogenic fungi and bacteria with a formula that uses citric acid as an active ingredient.

By working on contact with the pathogen, Procidic-C causes a denature of its cell membrane and electrical imbalance. Systemically, the product also moves through the plant and stimulates the plant’s defenses, called phytoalexins, which halts the continued growth of bacteria and fungi. This solution helps prevent and treat powdery mildew, root rot, and bud rot. Procidic-C is also approved for use in organic agriculture by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

For more information about Procidic-C and Greenspire Global, visit

About Greenspire Global:

Established in 2008 by Steve Knauss and Bill Darrington, this midwestern company has a global presence. Its innovative ag solutions address plant health issues and provide alternative choices to harsh, toxic, and dangerous chemicals. They are proven, effective tools to prevent and control plant pests and diseases while promoting plant health and crop nutrition. Greenspire Global products allow customers, season after season, to achieve their yields while enjoying healthier crops.

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