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A broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide compound for turfgrass


Sunonic® is proven to be extremely effective at protecting turfgrass from a number of diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. Sunonic’s advanced formula works to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and fungi on contact. Sunonic® is an alternative to harsh toxic chemical turfgrass fungicides. Developed for use on golf courses, sports fields, and other high quality grasses, Sunonic® is also an excellent fungicide for lawn disease control. No re-entry waiting period is required.

Sunonic® works by combining  key acids with proven anti-microbial effects. These acids inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms by increasing the permeability of their cellular membrane. When sprayed on, Sunonic® eliminates spores on contact and is absorbed systemically into the grass. Once absorbed it provides a protective shield against new bacteria and fungi.

How it Works

Sunonic® works in two ways. First, on contact, and second, it is absorbed systematically into the grass. Sunonic® is rapidly absorbed by the blades of grass and transported to the growth sites, mainly the apex.

Sunonic®, has undergone evaluations both In Vitro and In Vivo where it has been found to have a direct effect over pathogenic microorganisms.

Sunonic® primarily interacts with the surface of the cellular membrane therefore it is not mutagenic which makes it difficult for the microorganism to develop resistance.

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